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Darwin’s Nightmare (2004)

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Darwin's Nightmare is a 2004 Austrian-French-Belgian documentary film written and directed by Hubert Sauper, dealing with the environmental and social effects of the fishing industry around Lake Victoria in Tanzania

Underworld Tijuana Cartel Documentary

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9/11 & The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

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Guerrilla, U.S.A. – The Big Picture

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Big Picture camera crews in the rugged countryside of West Virginia cover an actual situation pitting the Special Forces of the U.S. Army, against the "Aggressor." Although it's a training problem, the script is writ...

Special Operation Forces (1984)

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The Film Tells The Story Of The Special Operations Forces, And The Special Situations, For Unconventional War, And A General War If The Need Arises Because Of Todays World Situations. The Evolving Nations With Politi...

Challenger Deep of the Mariana Trench [FULL VIDEO]

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Animal X Natural Mystery Unit – Monsters of the Deep

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Many believe that huge unidentified monsters lurk in the world's oceans and waterways. Do remnants of the dinosaur age still exist, and is this what people are seeing off the coast of Wales in Britain and in San Fra...

Football Hooligans ★ Documentary ★

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Football Hooligans

Detroit City – Murder Capital of the World (Documentary)

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A documentary about drug dealing in Detroit, and it's infamous history of the crack & heroin epidemic.


Cold War Documentary in HQ- Episode 24: Conclusions (1989–1991)

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Cold War is a twenty-four episode television documentary series about the Cold War that aired in 1998. It features interviews and footage of the events that shaped the tense relationships between the Soviet Union and...

Nature’s Killing Machines – BBC Documentary

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Real Heroes of Telemark – Part 3 of 3

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A Tradition In Music (1969)

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The U.S. Navy Band In Operation. Rehearsals And Recording Sessions And The Work Involved In Keeping The Band In Shape.Department Of DefensePin 25437Tradition In Music, A

Modern Marvels – Bricks

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Description required for this video. If you would like to contribute one please message me.

Secret Societies – Shocking Documentary

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Secret Societies - Documentary of the underground cults that shapes the world as we know it, the New World Order.My Bloghttp://astromic.blogspot.comTags: Secret Society (Fictional Organization Type),Secret Societies,u...

Beauty an the Blade Runner

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